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Electric dryer won’t heat

Electric dryer won’t heat

I figured it was the element so I replaced that and it still isn’t heating


"Check the circuit breaker for proper voltage using a voltage meter. You should get a reading of 240 volts. If your meter indicates 120v then your breaker is the cause. Usually the Dryer motor will turn but the heating element will not create any heat. If your breaker is working correctly and providing 240volts then the problem is your Heating element has gone bad. By Troubleshooting the circuit breaker you will identify the problem is from the dryer. If you are not familiar with electrical equipment please study up on how to use a voltage meter to properly test your electrical devices ,note If you don’t feel confident with working with electricity hire an electrician to handle the electrical. This has happened to me in the past and by testing the breaker for 240v it usually solves the problem. Take note of the Breaker which manufactureing company is it from. Common brands are SquareD Murray GE Cutler Hammer. They typically are more affordable than the older manufacturers like Zinsco , Federal Pacific . Take the breaker with you to The Home Depot so you can be sure it matches with the new one. Good luck I hope this helps. Be safe

Jeffrey Friend

Update (01/29/2019)

In response to that answer. Your best bet is to contact your local APD (appliance parts dealer) you may also need the High-Limit thermostat and the Thermal fuse which might be the issue. Double check all the connections and roll the Dice.

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