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Excess vibration in the spin cycle.

Excess vibration in the spin cycle.

I have a brand new top load Kenmore washer that vibrates , in my opinion, excessively in the spin cycle. I have had warranty repair done on it and they have replaced the suspension rods and the drum. I was told there is nothing more they can do. I was also told by the last technician (4 different techs looked at it) that this was normal and there is nothing they can do. Even spinning without clothes it vibrates and shakes. It has been leveled by the techs. I would like to know if this IS normal or not. How much vibration is normal. It vibrates so much that it very gradually walks or changes its position over 5-6 washes.


Time to see a manger and get a replacement machine or a different brand. Tell them that after 4 techs, it is a lemon.

there is no answer the Kenmore washer sucks . It shakes, walks, and can not be fixed.

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