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F02 Code is intermittent

F02 Code is intermittent

The washer will go through the whole cycle on occasion but sometimes the F02 code pops up. I have checked for blockage, took apart the pump and everything is fine. The only way to get it to work is to unplug it, let it stand for a short while, plug it back in and then push drain and spin button and most times it will work. Any advice as to why this would be an intermittent problem?


"Just take off the toe plate (three screws),

Find the pump filter in the middle of the base (it should be white).

**WARNING** This will get messy -- There's really was a lot of water, for me it was only about 1/2 gallon, so be ready to catch or clean up some water when you do this next step.***

Unscrew the handle, remove the filter (really it is connected to the handle and all it is is a plastic piece with holes in it) and

Clean it off.

Then put it all back together (should take about 10 minutes)."

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