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F7 E1 code keeps coming up

F7 E1 code keeps coming up

F7 E1 code keeps coming on. Washer will quit at various times, and often times won't even start. Lid lock light will flash at end of some cycles and I'll have to restart cycle. In test mode it works fine. Put clothes in and troubles start


"Please give us your model number.

The F7 E1 error code indicates a Basket Speed Sensor Fault in the top-load, belt-drive washer (VMW). F7 E1 is displayed when the main control cannot determine the speed of basket—or speed changes too quickly. The first component to check would be the speed sensor circuit in the shifter, which if not functioning, will generate the F7 E1 error code. However, there are several other potential causes that might also prevent the basket from moving (e.g., calibration, friction, or one of the drive system components, among others) that may also generate this error code."

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