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Fix for overcharging battery?

Fix for overcharging battery?
Does anyone have a fix for the fact that these are notorious for overcharging the battery and thereby shorting the battery life. It appears there is no current limiting circuit? I am technical, has anyone come up with a design change that can be field added? Thanks


I have this radio (for 2 years) with the Li ion battery. I've never had a problem with over charging. There is a battery icon on the screen which goes away when the battery is fully charged. Make sure you use the wall power adapter that came with the radio. How many batteries have gone bad?
"if you are feeling uneasy, you can consider getting a wall switch with auto Shut-Off Timer,

monitor how long it takes to charge to full. and you can use it as a reference to set your timer. e.g. 100% take s 1 hour, 80 percent ard 48 mins ? etc..."
Something like this will probably be the solution. I have no schematic for it otherwise I would design something. The problem in the design has probably been fixed in later models. Some people just unplug it for several hours and let the battery run down some and then recharge it. The real problem seems to be when it's left plugged in all the time. Thanks for getting back to me!!!

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