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flashes Fdl with door open

flashes Fdl with door open

I just replaced the waterpump,and was testing the washer. When I plugged the washer into a 110 outlet, it flashed FDL. Does this mean I need to replace the lokcing mechanism?


"M Crowell, the error F/dL can be caused by:

""A Door Lock Error occurs if the door cannot be locked. It will try to lock it 6 times

before displaying the error.

Potential Causes

• Door Lock Mechanism broken or removed from the Door

• Check Door Lock/Switch Assembly

• Check the wire harness connections to the Door Lock/Switch Assembly and

Central Control Unit (CCU)

• Door Lock/Switch Assembly Failure"" from the manual.

check all those things out, and you may have to replace the mechanism. Hope this helps, good luck."

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