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Frozen On Apple Logo No Matter What

Frozen On Apple Logo No Matter What
Hey everyone. I recently found my old iPod Classic from about 10 years ago at least. I plugged it in after searching for an old 30-pin charger and to my surprise, it actually the “Charging Battery” icon. However, after about 10 minutes of charging, it goes to the Apple logo and than does nothing. I’ve tried resetting it, but it doesn’t even reboot, it just stays at the Apple Logo as if I’m not even touching any buttons. I’ve also tried syncing it to iTunes to see if it would recognize it, but nothing happens. The only way the Apple logo disappears is if I disconnect it and let it die after a day. I’m starting to think the HDD might be ruined, which isn’t a big deal at all, I just figured that it would be cool to use for a bit for nostalgia. If anyone can help, please feel free to respond. Thanks!



you did not tell us if your computer “sees” your iPod when you connect it. If so, try and place it in disk mode and see if you can access the drive. You can even try the diagnostics mode as explained on here

Let us know what you get."

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