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G Priv Baby Luxe Bricked, need 1.0.1 Firmware

G Priv Baby Luxe Bricked, need 1.0.1 Firmware
Similar to a guy I saw on here with a T-Priv 3, I bricked my mod after doing a firmware update wrong. I require the stock firmware for a G Priv Baby Luxe in order to get my baby working again, any help would be amazing.


"Thanks to Danillo for solving this problem.

To revert your currently brick mod back to the stock firmware you need to download the Nuvoton firmware update software from Smok’s website and the original firmware bin file.

Remove the battery from your Smok device

Open Nuvoton NuMicro ISP Programming Tool 2.00

Hold the fire button on your Smok device and connect to you computer using the micro-usb cable (you have to hold the fire button during the entire process)

Once device is connected to the computer you should get a device connected notification on your computer. On the Nuvoton window click Continue and then Connect on the next screen

Click on APROM and select the stock firmware .bin file you have downloaded and ☑ the following

Click Start and your device should be fixed"
Does someone has a solution for this? Where to download the original firmware?
I made the same mistake. I have emailed smoktech support. Has anyone still found any solution?

Hallo habe die original Firmware für die G-Priv Baby! Kann sie per E-Mail zukommen lassen!

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