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GE Model JVM3670Sk06 has no power? Fuzes not blown?

GE Model JVM3670Sk06 has no power? Fuzes not blown?

Hi. I've read posts and watched youtube videos on possible solutions but i'm stumped. I have a GE microwave, model JVM3670SK06 that has no power. The outlet has power 120v (verified on multi meter). I ordered a new control board thinking that might be it but still no power. I checked the 2 fuses (HVT and normal) fuses that are simply cylinder fuses 250v20A. Each of them showed continuity. I checked the 4 thermal fuses in the microwave. All tested "OK" in that 3 of the fuses had continuity and 1 tested "open". I ordered a new replacement fuse but upon arrival, it was "open" as well, which made me realize it's normally an open fuse. I checked the door switches to ensure they were functioning properly, which they were. With door open, 2 switches showed open and 1 showed closed. with the door closed, each showed the opposite. I don't know what is the next step to check? There is no power to the microwave (no lights turn on, no buttons work, no display). Any suggestions?


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Try plugging it into another outlet (test the outlet first with a blender?). You might want to check your circuit breaker (you may find that if you toggle some switches, one switch will actually take less effort to flip, this is because it is blown, but it doesn't set the switch to off when it blows. I have these types so it is really hard to tell if it's a circuit breaker just from looking at it). Trying other outlets is one one to check if it is a breaker issue. I had one outlet in my kitchen with burn marks, that didn't work but the plugin right below it worked fine.

Sounds like the smartboard( noise filter board) might be shot.

Check the door switches. $7.25 fix. Youtube has videos.

Check the out the main board output. If the control board is new your next stop is the main board. If the lights would come on when you open the door I would suggest a whole new door assembly since I don't think they sell the touch pad separately.

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