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Green LED light coming on but no sound or picture

Green LED light coming on but no sound or picture

Hi, I have a Panasonic viera TX-L32E3B, the Tele itself is turning on the the LED is green but no sound or picture is coming on. The light flashes about 20x while turning on. Could anyone advise?


"@mrs_copus your panasonic only goes up to 14 blinks on POST so there is no 20 :-) Since “the Tele itself is turning on” and “no sound or picture is coming on” is a pretty good indication that your TV has issues with the A-board. That is teh board that has all the video connections etc. Remove the cover from your TV and take a look at all the board and interconnect cables. Check for any obviously damaged or missing components. Post some pictures with your QUESTION of those boards so that we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question If you want to check the A-board and have a multimeter you can check the voltages as follows

Description Test point Voltage

SUB3.3V TP8615 3.21V - 3.45V

SUB 1.5 V TP8101 1.47V - 1.56V

SUB1.2V TP8100 1.26V – 1.33V

SUB5V TP0910 4.8V – 5.2V

PD1.2V TP6700 1.08 – 1.32 V"

Either the motherboard or the LCD is going out .

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