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Hard Drive Upgrade Question. Please Help!!

Hard Drive Upgrade Question. Please Help!!
I have been looking at hundreds of forums and posts and have had no luck. I really hope someone can help. I love my 20gb ipod.


"Hi Paul!

For your iPod, the thick version uses a different logic board. I am not entirely sure why, as the connections are the same. I wish I could definitively tell you if it would work or not, but I don't have them with me at the moment. The battery is the same for both the thin and thick, so it specifically shouldn't be a factor.

However, you would also need to replace the headphone jack, headphone jack bracket, and headphone jack cable in addition to the rear panel, as they are all thicker.

I hope this is helpful!"

My 20gb 4th Gen iDie Hard Color, model A1099, lost his mind after I dropped it from 2+mtr high on a concrete floor. I ordered a:

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