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headphones say connected but flashing blue light and not working

headphones say connected but flashing blue light and not working
i am trying to connect my chromebook to my hesh2 headphones. the headphones say "connected" but there is almost a stutter in the audio, which started at the same time the problem did. the chromebook shows that the headphones are connected, but when i play audio, the headphones dont work, and the audio plays from the chromebook. there is a blue light that flashes about every 3 seconds from the headphones power light. i have tried to hold down the + and- buttons and have heard the tone, but it doesnt fix anything. i have also tried to turn off anf back on both devices, and removed the headphones from the "paired" listing on my chromebook and tried re-connecting. at that point, it plays theconnected audio and then proceeds to continue not working just as before :/


"Here's a thread with a similar issue that might have some suggestions. Have you tried connecting them to another computer? That can help diagnose the problem more exactly.

Here's a chromebook-specific page and another page that the first page links to. In the second link, under Peripherals, it says that it can connect to ""certain bluetooth devices"", then links back to the first link. I'm assuming headphones generally fit into the category of things that can connect via bluetooth."
i know its an old thread, but i may have an answer for anyone running into the same issue.
I am trying to connect my earbuds to my phone and only one headphone is working, it flashings blue light but not working beacuse another doesn’t work at all, even isn’t the light. Why? It have broken down?

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