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Help with splicing Turtle Beach wire

Help with splicing Turtle Beach wire
My turtle beach is broken at the jack so I decided to try and splice it with the jack from a working pair of headphones, but I'm completely confused. The turtle beach seems to have 4 wires (red, green, copper, and a red/green twist that had a copper outer layer that I untwisted) and the one I wanted to splice it to seems to have 5 wires (blue, green, red/copper twist, green/copper twist, and solid red with a copper outer layer) so I don't know where to go from here. I took some pictures to show what I mean. Help is much appreciated.



I’m not familiar with the 5 wire picture you posted but i repaired a few turtle beach headsets in my days and if i’m not mistaken on your turtle beach …The red is right audio and green left audio. The copper wire is ground , the red/green is mic and the copper around that wire is also ground. You can solder a new 3.5 mm jack to these wires. The jack has four soldering points (starting from top to bottom) where 1=left audio 2=right audio 3 = the two grounds and 4=mic.

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