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Hold button is broken? How to fix?

Hold button is broken? How to fix?
Ok, well I bought an iPod 3rd generation on ebay and the hold button was not working. Well I opened it up, and it turns out the little black switch thing that sticks up out of the little silver box bascially fell off when I touched it. So now there is nothing for the hold button to catch on to in order for the switch to work. How would I replace something like this? Would I have to replace the whole green flat part that it is sottered to? How hard is this? I mean I guess its not a real big deal, but because the buttons are so sensitive, it is realy hard to not have a hold switch because everytime my hand comes near it, it changes the song. Are there any cases that could help with out fixing the hold switch? Advice please???


my ipod is a few years old i got the same ipod as you guys but i changed mine but it will not turn on?

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