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hot water will not turn off

hot water will not turn off

Washer is working through the cycles but hot water will not turn off resulting in water overflowing on the floor.


Since it only happens with you hot water, my money is on a bad hot water solenoid. It apparently does not switch off. You washer should have a water level sensor that sends a signal to close the solenoid. It would do the same to the cold water. You also want to make sure that the pressure hose is not crimped in the cabinet. Make sure the hose is properly seated in the notch. Next make sure the air dome (on the bottom of the tub) is not blocked. If the air can't get up the pressure hose it will not trigger the pressure switch. Make sure that you have no lint or other debris blocking this. If your hot water continues to run and overflow the machine, replace the solenoid first. Here are some pretty good directions. Diagrams and partslist are available right here Hope this helps, good luck.

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