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How can I fix Axent wear cat ear headphones

How can I fix Axent wear cat ear headphones
The right side of the headphones is messed up with scratches and only works with included cord, cord is also malfunctional


"I have this problem too. But I'm able to fix it by just plugging and unplugging the cord from the device that the headphones are plugged into.


Keep the headphones on while you are plugging and unplugging. Once you hear a pop-like sound, it means that the sound has been restored in BOTH sides of the headphones.

I don't think it matters if you have music or any sound playing while you're fiddling with the wire, but it is easier to hear the pop sound if there isn't anything playing.

If NO sound is playing even after you plugged it in and turned on the music, just charge the headphones."
Can you give us more information about your specific problem?
my daughter has had this same problem, the one side of her cat headphones has a static sound in it and will not work, it is ashame cause they cost so much for brookstone not to do anything about it. She has never dropped or damaged them and take better care of them than she does herself (lol). She loves these stupid things and I hate that she is so upset that they are not working...she has not even had them a year.
The headphones I received have a serious manufacturing defect and should never have made it out of the factory, let alone all the way to my house. There are supposed to be 6 different buttons on the bottom of the right ear cup: lights on/off, light mode, speakers on/off, volume +, play/pause/track forward and backward, and volume -. However, the headphones I received had two sets of the first 3 buttons, and only one of the sets works. I cannot adjust the volume or play or pause the music from the headset at all. Further, the external speakers are terrible. The volume is low, and the sound quality is that of a $5 radio. You can try something from this list.
hello voices and hig pitch sounds are muffled I did the 3.5 cable is faulty by now, can I buy another one?

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