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How can I make this work on a Dell Inspiron?

How can I make this work on a Dell Inspiron?
I ordered this ipod on ebay because I wanted a vintage one. It is in great shape, but it has a firmwire cable instead of a usb. I have an old ibook that can charge it, but other than that, the ibook is useless. I tried ordering a firmwire to usb converter, but every time I plug it into the Dell the computer just freezes and I can't do anything. Any other suggestions on this one?


"Hello Sarah, Here is a link the the manual for your computer. Click on download either the html or the pdf version--see instructions about this on the page. After you download the manual arrow down to the how to install section and you will find a guide on how to install a card. Good luck.

You did not tell us exactly what model Inspiron you have amd I am going oby the assumption that it has a PCMCIA slot. Do what I did, get a PCMCIA-to-Firewire adapter. It works on my old toshiba and my old HP ;-) They are not to expensive and readily available at places like like this. Hope this helps, good luck.

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