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How do I change the door handle on model PVM1790SR1SS?

How do I change the door handle on model PVM1790SR1SS?

How do I replace the door handle on model PVM1790SR1SS oven?



Here is a link which shows you an exploded view of the door and also lists the parts. Hope it helps.


Mike Cogozzo you need to remove the "choke" around the inner door. Open the door and locate the plastic seal that goes all the way around the inner door. This is the "choke" and it's clipped in on both the inside and the outside, all the way around the door. You will need to use a small putty knife or a small flat head screw driver and pry under the choke all the way around to unclip it. Once you have that part off, removethe 2 screws going into the door handle.

Since this answer is incomplete, I will add this one point. There are little plastic clips attached to the outer door that hold the grate frame in place. If you look around outer edge of the grate frame with a flashlight you will see them. If you unhook these clips from the grate frame, the grate frame will, not easily, pull away from the outer door and that will expose the handle screws. Be careful, because the grate frame will swing on the door hinges, but there is nothing holding it in place once you unclip it from the outer door so if you let it hang there while you work, it may fall off.

"Wow! I did it and I didn't use shims. There were 2 small screws along the top and honestly I don't know whether they had anything to do with how I did this but I removed them anyway. But here s how I got to the handle screws…I JUST PRYED THE GRID TOWARD THE OVEN TILL THE OUTSIDE DOOR CASING FELL OFF! The grid formation stayed attached to the oven on the hinges. The SS door frame and handle fell off and there were the screws! I switched,it out for the new handle then the question was how to get the door trim back on. I closed the grid piece till it latched to the oven. I held the door finish with the new handle lining it up with the black insides and smacked it with my hands and it popped back on the clips.

There was one clip inside that was misaligned after I got it back together so I finagle with it with a butter knife and it's fine!"

If you have 8 putty knives to slide under the tabs on the top and bottom then it comes off fairly easy. It only took me an hour to get to that point. I would love to meet the “genius” that designed it!

Why they made this so difficult is beyond me. I inserted a plastic tie between each clip and the grate as I pried the cover away from the clip with a flat head screwdriver. There are 4 clips on top and 4 on the bottom. The plastic ties allow the grate to easily slide out. Make sure someone is holding the door as you do this as the door can easily fall off the hinges.

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