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How to bypass lid switch

How to bypass lid switch

What two wires(color) get spliced together


I used a 3” dual action automatic OTF knife, jammed it down on about a 35° angle to bypass the locking mechanism toggle/trigger. I would think a small butter/pairing kitchen knife would work as well. Quickest way I could come up with to diagnose percieved problems with my rinse cycle. If I didn't recieve this washer free from an in-law who literally said “get it tf outta here", I'd throw this thing off a bridge. It has a spin cycle so violent it makes the machine almost unbalanceable. I would never buy a machine that locks the user out, or like my 100 series does, lock you out and force you to wait 5-10secs before giving you access to your laundry. I now know why my father in-law devilishly laughed at me offering him money for this brand new machine and said “oh no bud she's allll yours, ennn-joy”…

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