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How to open the case for HUMAX RM-F01 Remote control to the iHDR-5050?

How to open the case for HUMAX RM-F01 Remote control to the iHDR-5050?

The remote control has gathered dirt which has led to keys that need quite a lot of force to be activated. I'd like to clean it up, but I simply cannot open the case. There are no screws, no clips, nothing. The battery compartment doesn't reveal anything either. It looks and feels as if it has been glued together, but that doesn't make sense.


I followed Philip Bradbury's method and it worked perfectly, without any lugs broken. It took me about 1/4hour in all to do - don't be scared to try it - you shouldn't to force it off.

This works a treat but just take care. I ran a sharp knife around the groove to get rid of some of the accumulated dirt first and this seemed to make it easy to get the knife in. Start in the middle and work carefully upwards and downwards. Do both sides before you try the ends. The only tricky bit is springing it out at the end but it seems quite robust. You have to unclip the circuit board and slide it out but this is OK. Don't break the clips and watch out for the coiled battery terminals. Make sure you dry thoroughly before refitting. I used super absorbing kitchen roll. Locate all the parts back as they were and push fit. It took about half an hour with drying but it works better than ever.

My Humax remote 'OK' button was not working 8 times out of 10.

Just done this myself and the OK button is working again. You can expect some minor cosmetic damage but what use is a pristine remote that doesn't work?

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