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How to replace the bleu led light on a Marantz SR-7005?

How to replace the bleu led light on a Marantz SR-7005?

On my Marantz there is a blue circle that lid up when the amp is on, but it look like only one is still working. I was wondering if it’s possible to tix it?


"Hi @mdehand ,

Where is the blue light located?

In the service manual there is no mention of a blue light. There is only a red LED and a green LED mentioned.

Update (05/24/2020)

Hi @mdehand ,

The display unit has two fluorescent tubes inside it but no mention of their colour so I’m assuming that this is where you mean. If one of them is not working it could either be the tube itself or a fault in the power supply circuit to that tube e.g. faulty connection or component.

The supplier in the link is the only one that I could find. You may have better luck. Hopefully it is just a faulty connection or component in the power supply path as the tubes are not cheap.

Here’s an image taken from p.129 of the service manual showing the power supply circuit for the tubes.

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)"

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