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I dropped my iPod in coffee what do I do

I dropped my iPod in coffee what do I do
my son dropped my ipod in a cup of coffee...i immidiately pulled it out, shook the liquid out and dryed it as much as i could. It is day 2 and the screen has a bubble of liquid in it...is it repairable? Help!



firt of all, DONT try to switch it on! BTW, what kind of ipod do you own,shuffle,nano,mini,photo,video,classic or touch?

Next, please dont understand this question wrong, was it a black coffe or with milk/whitener or sugar/sweetener? If it was black coffe, it should dry out completely. To do so, put it in a ag with uncooked rice for a couple of days. Take a look at it, if the bubbles are gone or not. If not, leave it in the bag for a couple more days.

If there was milk or sugar in the coffe, the iPod needs to be opened up and cleaned. How to open the iPod can be found in the ""repair section"" of this page."

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