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I have a AF0 code

I have a AF0 code

I have a AF0 code on my kenmore, How can I fix this problem?


"The code AF normally indicates that the control senses a restricted air flow on most models of Kenmore Elite dryers. Without your model number, I cannot be sure. To clear the code, press STOP once and the estimated time remaining countdown should return to the display. The AF code will continue to appear with each cycle until the low airflow condition is resolved.

Try the following troubleshooting to resolve the air flow problem:

Clean the lint screen. If you use dryer softener sheets, I recommend washing the lint screen with water and a nylon brush to remove softener residue that could accumulate and restrict air flow.

Check at the outside of the home to make sure that the vent exhaust hood is not blocked.

Check the flexible vent connection behind your dryer. Make sure that it is not kinked or clogged. You can disconnect the flexible vent and start a cycle with the dryer venting directly into your laundry room. If the AF code does not appear, this will verify an exhaust vent duct problem. Otherwise you may have a component failure."

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