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I just recently found my Zune

I just recently found my Zune

I recently found my Zune after about 3 or 4 years of not having it, and bought a charging cord for it. I am seriously out of the loop. I am in the process of charging it, but I have forgotten how to use it>.<! How does that happen?? I know it will all come back to me if I can even get it to turn on. I am thinking I may need to replace the battery, but are zune's even serviced by Microsoft anymore? Everytime I click on a Zune website link, it brings up XBOX 360. There is nothing on the Microsoft Website for Zune at all unless you really dig and go searching high and low. I know there is pandora and all of those music streaming but I miss my Zune!! Please tell me that it's not obsolete and that I will still be able to use it! :( ( I worked hard for my Zune..)


You will need to get the most recent zune software from Microsoft, microsoft/en-us/download...

Please also check out my video on how to update a Zune in 2020 and later : howeitworks/zune-fix

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