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I washed my iPod. Any hope of repair?

I washed my iPod. Any hope of repair?

I washed my iPod. Any hope of repair? If I plug it in to USB, the screen lights with the message "Charging, Please wait....." After a few seconds, I saw the "Apple", and pressed the Menu Button, it briefly showed the menu, then reset back to the "Charging, Please wait....." screen. I am thinking the hard drive and logic board may still be functioning, however it may have a bad battery. I would like to have suggestions on the next steps to possibly repair the unit. I look forward to hearing from someone who may have experience on this type of repair.


"I accidently dropped my Classic in the swimming pool and I fixed it.

NEVER turn on a device that has been exposed to water, it will only do more damage as I found out my case it shorted out the battery.

What I'm about to tell may seem crazy but it worked for me. RICE, yes I sad Rice, it loves moisture and will absorb the moisture from your iPod if you give it time. I placed my iPod in a zipped lock baggie filled with Rice for a week and it absorbed all the moisture from my iPod. I did have to replace the battery but it works fine now,because it evidently shorted it out when I tried to turn it on too soon after the accident."

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