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Icon keeps appearing? Possibly dead battery?

Icon keeps appearing? Possibly dead battery?
I bought this ipod on ebay for 25 dollars as a back up to my first generation ipod. The seller informed me of this problem. So I got it today, and basically no matter what I do, it is showing an icon with an adapter and a power outlet. I tried plugging it into the mac and the PC. No change. Is this a dead battery? I assuming it isn't the hard drive? If so does this website sell the battery so that I can replace it?


"Sarah, just thought of something. Is it possible that this Ipod was attempted to be restored but that did not get finished. The iPod four requires you to be plugged into a different wall outlet. Basically you restore under iTunes and at the end you get a window that says that the iPod must be plugged in to a different power source. Try to plug it into a wall charger if you have not already done so and see what happens. You can not use it on your computer since it is not updated so ur computer as well as itunes will not ""see"" your iPod. Oh, and no. it is not as difficult as the 3rd gen Ipod but just about. The iPod tools will work just take your time, and don't brake the tools like I do when I work on mine:) good luck and let us know.

Sorry should have been a comment, I apologize."
I definitely start with a new battery and a full charge. Batteries are available check ifixit/iPod-Parts/iPod-3r... BTW the case is a little hard to open do not get to frustrated with it...just follow the instruction from this great site....Good Luck.
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