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iPod 1st generation forgot password

iPod 1st generation forgot password
my daughter forgot her passcode and cant get into her ipod 1st generation


"stephanie, here is my answer to a question for the same problem ""You can unlock it putting the device into DFU mode and then restore it with itunes, BUT this will erase all data on your iPod. Here is an excellent description how to place your iPod in DFU mode. Hope this helps. If not, let us know and let us know what computer OS you are using."" Of course you should problaby just restore it from the computer that you use to sync it. If you are using Windows, sorry I am not a Mac person, you can try this. Plug in your iPod

Go to ""My Computer"", double click your iPod's drive. Make sure you can see all hidden folders (If you aren't sure go to Tools, Folder Options, View Tab, and check Show). Open the folder ""iPod_Control"">open the folder called ""Device"">Rename the file ""_locked"" to ""_unlocked"". This way all your data will stay safe. Hope this helps, good luck."
If you encrypt an iPod backup on iTunes and then forget your password, you will not be able to restore from backup and your data will be unrecoverable. If you forget the password, you can continue to back up and use the device, however you will not be able to restore the encrypted backup to any device without the password. You do not need to enter the password for your backup each time you back up or sync.

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