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iPod 5g blank screen, hdd clicking...

iPod 5g blank screen, hdd clicking...

My wife's iPod 5G has had it's lumps. It was giving me a white screen while it'll charge, but now, it'll just give me no screen. I hear the hard drive clicking when it's plugged into my wall charger.


"The so called ""genius"" was right, the hdd dies - but you can try something with your iPod - if it works - keep in mind that the hard drive could die within minutes, days or years - nobody knows...

hold the iPod around 4"" above and ""drop it"" - make a hard reset and if you are lucky - it will work again

here is a howto video on youtube

the white screen has nothing to do with the clicking, i would try a hard reset (press and hold the menu and the select button at the same time until the iPod restarts - that should be done within 10 seconds)"

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