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iPod has sad face whenever I turn it on.

iPod has sad face whenever I turn it on.

I recently changed the battery , headphone/hold button and back piece to my 5th gen iPod , and ive restored it a couple of times and now its giving me the sad faced iPod and tells me to go to apple/support/iPod . dont know what to do ?


i myself do not know i pods much but i do know that it indicates that an HDD error occurred.

Hi, i just buy an ipod video G5 30gb 15 days ago, cheap, about 10$usd because the problem with this was the legend : battery very low, please wait.... so when i open, i saw i little issue in the battery cable connector, 2 pins united with a pellet (i don know the name in english, in spanish is "sarro", google translate said sarro=tartar....) so i buy a new battery but when i connected, my ipod 30gb wake up with a SAD FACE....

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