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iPod stuck on lock, what component should I replace?

iPod stuck on lock, what component should I replace?
My Ipod always has the small padlock in the top left hand corner. It doesn't matter where the hold switch is, off or on. The buttons are unresponsive and padlock is still there. Soft reset (menu + select) does not work. I was basically wondering if replacing the logic board will fix this because I want to be sure before I spend $50.


If the ipod is in lock the keys will not work i would replace the audio jack/hold button. I'm not sure where to buy the part but it should be one piece.
Any follow up? I have this same problem...
after changing the battery i had the same problem - my ipod was stuck on lock. i kept it on lock, took it apart again and toggled the switch back and forth a few times. i kept it on lock, put it back together, switched it to unlock and then turned it on. it came on unlocked and is working normally now.

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