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iPod touch solder won't melt

iPod touch solder won't melt
Using your excellent tutorial, I am on the verge of replacing the battery on my ipod touch.


I used a 15$ 45 watt desoldering iron heats up to 734F or 390C. At first solder wasnt coming off because i didnt let it get hot enough, I also had to put a little pressure on it so it can melt.
I change, as a hobbyist, iPhones connectors and it's always the negative connections points that won't melt. It seems that the chemistry inside the battery is the problem. When i clean all the points, the negative keeps always difficult to resoldering it with an professional Weller iron. For the moment i use a flux, used for copper pipes soldering, and 60/40 lead for soldering. I still keep looking for an solution, if someone nows, please let us now.

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