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iPod unresponsive after battery replacement

iPod unresponsive after battery replacement
So, I just replaced the battery on my iPod 4th gen (slim 20 gb) today. I was pretty careful taking it apart, and used ifixit tools. I cracked the screen a month ago or so, so I cant see much. Anyways, my iPod won't respond now, with either the old battery, or the new one. Without the hard drive attached, it gives me the apple logo, and then a HDD error. But with it attached, I just get a battery error (I think, I can't really see). What's the problem? How can I fix it?


"Check if the receptacle moves on the circuit board or is lifted at all. It shouldn't.

Look at the small solder joints and tight space. I watched a video on micro-soldering and decided NOT to try it yet, despite many years building electronic kits and some repair work. A shop estimated $180 while replacement boards or iPods are $40-50.

Ensure the new plug is fully seated and inserted correctly. My new batter had to charge via wall adapter, not my computer, for over a day! Hopefully, you got the right battery for your iPod; mine was of higher capacity, but such a long charge cycle surprised me.

Also, read all you can and ask for expert help from the place that sold you the battery. I am not a pro at this, just a guy like you with an iPod problem or two. Four days, on and off, and finally mine is ok."

Despite being very careful, I partially pulled the surface mounted battery cable socket off the circuit board, slightly; not apparant at first, but enough to cause a similar problem. Re-soldering is not possible without special tools. That socketccalles for careful and delicate technique. I used the tip of an X-acto knive, very carefully, to JUST lift the retainer clip slightly; freeing the cable.

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