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iPod won't play the end of any song

iPod won't play the end of any song
My 3rd gen iPod has got following problem: if I listen to my music via headphones the end (about 12 seconds) of each song are muted. When it is connected to my car or my speaker system via the Dock Connector the problem does not exist. In this case everything works fine as it should.


That's pretty bizarre. I too have one of those models, but I've never had that problem. Have you tried rebooting or restoring the iPod? I'm not sure what kind of hardware defect would produce such predictable problems.
The same thing happens to mee with my first genoration iPod touch. It only happens to some songs that I downloaded before 2008. It's very odd. If anyone what's wrong, please help.
possible corrupt music
try listen the songs on a mac or pc, if it would still muted, download new ones

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