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Is it safe to operate a microwave oven without the magnetron fan

Is it safe to operate a microwave oven without the magnetron fan

My parents have had the same microwave oven since 1984. It has been a great machine. Today my dad spilled his coffee inside of it and then punched the microwave. After that the fan that is supposed to run while the food is heating up stopped working. The microwave still heats food even though the fan is not functioning. I am worried that there is going to be some sort of overheating and along with that any number of disastrous outcomes. Does anyone know if this microwave is still safe to operate like this?


"Furj. Discontinue use of the microwave, your assumptions are correct it is not safe to operate in this condition and could catch on fire, may have loose arcing wire, etc. Microwave should be checked out by a good repair tech. to ensure liquid is not corroding other components as well as check, diagnose and estimate repair on fan. Good luck.

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It is not safe. Unplug it until it is thoroughly checked. A 1984 microwave could have a lot of brittle parts, corroded connections etc. A Survey test should be performed yearly to test for leakage. A "punch" could cause serious damage. Be safe, never attempt to repair a microwave unless you are certified. The capacitor can hold 6k volts even after it's been unplugged for days/weeks.

"Yes this fan is to prevent the microwave from overheating. Most microwaves have a thermostat that will turn on the fan if the cooktop area is overheating when it cools the fan will stop.

Since the fan doesn't work anymore, I suggest a replacement. you might be able to use it still but at your own risk, Microwave capacitors hold enough of a charge to act like a grenade when they pop. So for your safety discontinue use.

The magnetron head contains a Radioactive material that breaks down when explosed to electric to make ""rays of microwaves"" if that breaks or pops you risk Beryllium Oxide poisoning from the ceramic insulators

which if air bourn can kill you

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If your Cooling Fan isn’t coming on can mean your Relay Board is only partially working. If you want to fix it yourself make sure you have some understanding of wiring diagrams, electrical hazards, etc. My MWO had a diagram and troubleshooting guide.

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