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Is the battery replaceable

Is the battery replaceable
Has any one replaced the battery in these headphones? I can’t seem to find any guides on how to replace it. I would hate to throw out a perfectly good pair of headphones.


"Christopher Eckersen  there are not clear cut guides yet. Now it’ll be up to you to become the Pathfinder and create one. Yes, the battery can be replaced. Never easy since they (manufacturers) do not want us to fix things. With these headphones it’s actually straight forward. Basically, you remove the earpads. After that remove the four screws that hold the driver to the housing. The battery is behind the speaker nestled into the headset. I suggest you check this video (it’s dreadful but has a bit of valuable information on how to remove the drivers (speakers). Use this document Internal Photos 2316351 for the rest of it. The second picture shows you the battery etc.

This ifixit/Guide/new will help you to create a guide. It would be awesome for the next people that are looking for how to replace the battery."

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