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Issue with KDL-48W600B possible LCD issue.

Issue with KDL-48W600B possible LCD issue.

I have a Sony KDL-48W600B and after several different Google searches for my particular issue, I have not found anyone with a similar problem.


@richnish what you hear is a coil whine coming from the fixed inductors (components you pointed out). This could be caused by to much current or something trying to pull to much and making those inducators work “overtime” Since this is a new board we can assume it is okay. Check the connector CN9101 and compare the voltages to what they should be . Let us know what you find. also, how is the screen blinking. Does it go darkl and comes back on in a sequence or just continuously on and off? It is possible that this is cause by a bad backlight array. Disconnect the cable going to your LCD screen (particular the backlight one) and see if your inductors still whine.

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