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Kenmore 110 VMW basket won't spin freely

Kenmore 110 VMW basket won't spin freely

I am receiving an F7E1 error code on a Kenmore 110 series VWM drive top load washer. When I run the automatic automatic test mode diagnostic, I get good cold water, good hot water, good both water, good agitate, and good drain. I hear the shifter, but then I do NOT get a spin. I confirmed all of these with the manual test mode - my problem is BOTH the low spin and the high spin.


The problem is with the hub. That’s the part under the agitated/wash plate. I didn’t see a complete model number to be able to find the part number. Easy to replace. Take off the agitator. The hub is below the agitator. It attaches the basket to the outer tub. The drive shaft slides up the middle of it. The groves get worn and the drive shaft won’t catch it to turn it. Be sure to clean the groves on the drive shaft with a wire brush to remove any rust or dirt. If the drive shaft is worn it will need to be replace.

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