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Kenmore HE3t Electric Dryer - No heat - Some parts replaced

Kenmore HE3t Electric Dryer - No heat - Some parts replaced

I have a Kenmore HE3t electric dryer, model 110.84836201 that is not heating.


"Hi @tryin2fixit ,

Did you check that the hi limit thermostat is OK?"

"The two you missed are

Cause 1

Incoming Power Problem

If your dryer is not heating, then you may have an incoming power problem. Electric dryers need two legs of 120 volts AC equaling 240 volts. It is not uncommon for only one fuse or breaker to trip resulting in the dryer able to run, but not heat. The fuse box or circuit breaker should be checked or voltage measured at the outlet using a multi-meter.

Cause 2

High Limit Thermostat

High limit thermostat, L295-50F


The high-limit thermostat monitors the dryer temperature and shuts off the burner if the dryer overheats. If the high-limit thermostat is malfunctioning, it may shut off the burner even if the dryer is not overheating. However, this is rarely the case. Before replacing the high limit thermostat check all the more commonly defective parts. If you have determined that all of the other components are working properly, test the thermostat by using a multimeter to test it for continuity. If the thermostat does not have continuity, replace it."

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