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LG 55LX6500 low red lights turn on - no "click" no video, have audio

LG 55LX6500 low red lights turn on - no "click" no video, have audio

Hi, stand-by red light on; use remote to turn on; lower red lights go through light up cycle, but don't get to the final "click"...so no video whatsoever. I have audio, no problem but no video.


@swins couple of things you want to check. First you want to check if this is a backlight issue. In a dark room turn your TV on ( to a station that provides sound) then shine a flashlight against the screen at an angle. See if you can make out silhouettes. If so you know that your set has no backlight. This TV has a separate inverter board so check both fuses for continuity. Use a multimeter in ohm mode place red probe on one end and black probe on other end (set off) and see if you have continuity (needle will move). After that turn your set on and put your multimeter in volt mode (100V mode or better). Place red probe on one end of the fuse and black end to ground. See what voltages you get. Then check the connector CN101 with the set on. There is a legend to the right of your connector in your image and see if the voltages listed on that are present on the connector.

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