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Logic board replacement (mini)

Logic board replacement (mini)

Hello I have two iPods a 5th gen video (30GB) and a 1st gen iPod mini (6GB). Currently the logic board in my 30gb has failed so i can no longer listen to music (either docking or headphones) and was wondering if instead of buying a new logic board for the 30gb if there was some way to route it through the mini's. Either by installing the mini's logic board into the 30gb or just by keeping face plates open and connected to eachother. (i don't need it to be portable I just want to listen to my music, and can't pull up songs on my PC, since the 30gb is mac formatted (this also means I have no way of putting my music on a new iPod (if I were to get one) since the original computer the songs were on was stolen so these are the only copy I have of them. PLEASE PLEASE help I am dieing without music.


"I understand your problem - but that won't work

maybe your 5g isn't completely dead and you should find someone who is able to fix it.

a common problem are 2 shot capacitors on the logicboard (c145 & c146). you can see them in step 8 of the logic board guide. the two orange parts are sometimes defective/shot/burned. they are 220µF capacitors and if they are ""bad"" they could look like this: but wait - you wrote that it won't work in a docking station either, thic could be a problem with the P5021C-TDF - it's also on the left side, look at step 10 - it's right from the capacitors i mentioned.

the solderings of this chip failed on many 5g iPod's in less than a year - if you want to read more about it: CLICK here

as for the mac formatting problem - you can use transmac to deal with that!! - maybe you should read this (click)

you can find transmac here

the 15 day trial should be enough to get it done

copy the music to your windows machine and sync it with your mini"

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