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Logic board worth having repaired?

Logic board worth having repaired?
I have a 60GB Ipod Color, the iPod had the hard drive connector detached and the black square part (possibly the power ic) that is near the 30-pin connector burned out. Both parts were replaced and still the iPod doesn´t start properly, at first the iPod showed the sad face icon, now doesn´t even start but I can hear the Hard Drive spinning and the iPod heats up even when it is uplugged from the charger. What should I do?


@eduardos94 there may have been a different reason why those parts "burned out". There are no schematics for this iPod so it will be difficult to trouble shoot. I'd recommend replacing the complete logic board. They are still around and that should fix your iPod. I think that it is definitely worth it. Those have great audio and the cost of a replacement board will be a lot less than a new iPod with lesser audio quality.

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