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Losing BT connection to Bose Speakers when they hit sleep mode.

Losing BT connection to Bose Speakers when they hit sleep mode.
External Bose Bluetooth speakers go into a sleep mode when nothing is being transmitted to them. Dot, while always listening for the wake word, doesn't seem to be sending 'keep alive' signals to the Bluetooth. So after a period of time, the Bluetooth will disconnect and won't reconnect until you press the button on the speaker or tell Dot to connect to the speakers again. I believe that Dot needs to send keep alives. I'm looking for a solution.


It should be simple enough to make a skill for Alexa that just sends a short and silent audio signal every 9 minutes to make Bluetooth speakers of ALL brands stay awake.
I have the same problem, i.e., the Bose connection to the Dot goes to sleep after a short interval of about 15 minutes. I did not see an answer posted... did I miss something?
I'm on Amazon tech support right now. Just sent them a link to this article so they can see the exact issue (since they keep thinking that I loose my Bluetooth connection which is not true). Let's see what they have to say. My speaker is a Logitech UE Boom, but I have the exact same issue.

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