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Loud knocking noise during fast spin cycle.

Loud knocking noise during fast spin cycle.

My washer has a loud knocking noise during spin cycle. There are chewed up pieces of plastic mixed in with the clothes. Is this a bearing?


Most noises from a washing machine occur during the spin cycle. If you hear loud thumping during the spin, the load of clothes may have become unbalanced. Stop the washer and redistribute the clothes, then re-start it. Repeat these steps if necessary. Does the plastic match any inside the machine?

"We had the same problem, we were told by a repair person that the ""spider"" on the stainless steel tub corrodes and breaks. We took it apart just to see if he was correct and he was. The SS tub goes for about 300 +. Not worth fixing. We purchased a new one.

I can understand the problem with the smell that everyone complains about. When we disassembled the tubs there was a lot of crud caught in between the spider. Disgusting!"

"I had the same problem and determined the plastic parts were the edge of the front tub enclosure being chewed up by the spinning-moving stainless tub. Thought it was a failure of the front enclosure so ordered a new one and replaced it myself. Turns out I treated the symptom and not the problem - a $250 lesson! It seems the problem is further back and requires complete dis-assembly and more parts so I am giving up on this one and buying a replacement.


"I just finished running the washer with the back cover off. What I found was the aluminum wheel that the belt goes around has worn in the center and there is slop in the rotation which I believe is the cause of the problem. I can't wait to get rid of this tragic excuse for a washing machine. Maybe Kenmore will offer me a bata model with which they want me to test for them in real home like conditions. Whataya say Kenmore??

Good Luck, Greg W."

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