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Loud knocking sound in spin cycle?

Loud knocking sound in spin cycle?

Hi, I'm trying to figure out this loud knocking sound that happens when my Kenmore elite goes in to any spin cycle. It's even worse when it's in the high speed spin.


John Warren, check this site for more on the parts and diagrams of your machine. You can also get the manual from here. I would take a close look at the shock absorber mount and the suspension spring and counterweight. Make sure that the spring is still attached and the counterweight bolt properly tightened. Of course, you also want to make sure that your machine is level etc. I am not convinced that it is your bearing. Those usually make a whining or grinding noise at all times, not just at a certain location. The issues with your machine sound more like the drum is out of alignment. However, if you need a bearing kit, you can get that from here.

my local repair man says the vibrating and jumping of machine on spin cycle is because of a broken shock absorber (1 of 2). He said he used to replace them is too old now and doesn't do it anymore. Kenmore junk.

If yours is a front load washer it's probably the spider assembly is cracked or broken. The spider assembly is how the shaft attaches to the drum. I would check your owners manual to see if it's under warranty. Some have a lifetime warranty on the drum but the outer tub might need replaced if it did damage to it. The outer tub probably is only under warranty for about 5 years.

"As the drum spins slowly you won't experience the loud noise, as it speeds up, and so moves out further, what is happening is that the drum is knocking into the heater element which sits at the bottom, between the inner and outer drum.

Remove and refit the element, ensuring that it is correctly seated"

"My solutions was that the Pulley was loose, even if you tightened the nut, it still wobbled. You shake the pulley with your hand and it wobbles in and out (side to side, the direction of the spin is okay).

I took a large thick washer and put it between the nut and the pulley. It tightened up, and much of the noise went away."

There might be something stuck between the basket and the tub. Bra wires are not uncommon culprits

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