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Lower volume on one earbud after fixing it (soldering)

Lower volume on one earbud after fixing it (soldering)
Got one earbud wire ripped out accidentally, but luckily the wire itself was still fine, just had to open the earbud and solder wires again. My earphones are Atomic Floyd super darts, high quality (as far as I can judge :-) ), so I could unscrew it to fix properly, or at least I tried.


"Did you remove the acrylic insulation of the wire? You can remove this by heating the wire with solder for a while or burn it with a lighter.

Else it is probably a shortage, check if there is not a single little wire touching the other wire. Cut if off, or resolder.

I don't have any more idea's... Maybe you can send a photo of your solder work."
It may happen. If you checked previous suggestions

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