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MacBook makes startup noise, but doesn't power on, battery charged

MacBook makes startup noise, but doesn't power on, battery charged

Hi, i'm having an issue with my macbook pro 17. I have fully charged the battery, yet there is no light in the back. The adapter displays a green light, tried with a few different ones, all indicate that my battery is charged..yet I can't see the light in the back at all..When I try to start it, it sounds like the harddrive is working but after a few seconds just stays making the same attempting noise to start up..Basically sounding like it's in the process, but it wont start...screen stays black the whole time..I don't know what could be wrong with it :( Please help

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"Ouroboros is right that a little more information would help.

If it sounds like the hard drive is spinning up, then stoping, it's possible your HD is failing.

If you hear a startup chime and the screen stays black, connecting the computer to an external monitor will tell you whether or not the display is faulty."
mcgyver89 [Entry]

"My Macbook pro A1261 does not power up. It turns on the white power button, the hard drive spins not full on as it used to and the screen does not turn on nor the back apple is lit.

I checked and replace the PRAM battery and did not work. Would I need another hard drive or a logic board? also, how can I recover what I have in my hard drive?

If I connect my hard drive to another A1261 would it work?


mcgyver89 [Entry]

I had the same problem as these two regarding the hard drive turning but the monitor refuses to boot on. I reset the PRAM(I got it to turn on once and reset the PRAM) and restarted the mac. This time when i turned it on the apple chime sound was present(for the first time) but the monitor still remained black. Any suggestions?