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Missing Model Number Plate, Broken Lid Switch

Missing Model Number Plate, Broken Lid Switch

I was wondering if you know the model number of the Kenmore 90 Series Washing Machine used in the photo posted. I bought my washer and dryer used from a man that my (now ex-)husband told me a couple of his friends purchased washers and dryers from, and that they were in excellent condition, and his friends were extremely happy with them. The guy was selling them out of a storage unit in Washington State, and claims that he is an authorized used machine dealer who refurbs then re-sells items. I haven't had any issues with my machines until now, and have had them for a LONG time, but after purchasing them, I noticed someone had removed the model/serial number plate from the washing machine, making it impossible to order repair parts and make sure they are the correct one. I know exactly where it SHOULD be located on this machine- it is extremely obvious that is what used to be there because of the size and shape of the missing plate, and the two screw or rivet holes where it used to be inside the lid. I used to work at Maxserv, which was Sears' Parts Repair, where people could call and order replacement parts for their appliances and power tools and have them mailed directly to their home. This was way back in 1994/1995, and during job training, they taught us how to explain where to look for the model number (being there are a few different places they could be in a washer and dryer), and that if someone called looking for parts and didn't have a model number, they were pretty much SOL. If they had the old part and could find a part number on it, then we could look up that part number and see if it was still available, or if there was a replacement part number listed for it; but in most cases, the old part number was NLA (No Longer Available), and many of the people who received the substitution part, if there was one listed, it did not work and they would have to return it. Even with people who had the model number, the substitution parts were so generic in order to make them work in numerous different models, that the part didn't quite fit right, making it break or wear out much faster, if it even worked at all.


Heather Kikkert, even within this series 90, there are different lid switches. If you can post a couple images of the front, the control panel, and the back and may be we can all figure out how to assist you with this. Check this video and see if that helps. Without the metal plate there is really not much you can do to determine which model washer you have. Of course, you also want to check along the top of the control panel, under the lid, on the rim of the tub (right rear) at the back of the cabinet, and at the front or side base of the washer. Those are the mst common sites for Kenmore to place the number plate. Hope this helps, good luck.

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