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Music Plays, but No Voice or Sound Effects

Music Plays, but No Voice or Sound Effects

My Mini Jambox will play music through bluetooth and it sounds perfectly fine. However, the sound effects when turning off an on, and the voice that speaks and tells how full the battery is no longer works. I saw some things online about a silent mode, but it seems like the instructions are for the regular Jambox, not the mini. Anyone have ideas?


"Hi Katie,

I had exactly the same problem with my mini-jambox and it turned out I had somehow accidentally turned on silent mode. The following fixed it for me:

1. Turn off the mini-jambox

2. Hold down the 'Talk' (round button) and 'Plus' buttons on the top of the jambox.

3. Switch on the mini-jambox, while still holding down the 'talk' and 'plus' button.

That should reverse the 'silent' mode (activated by holding down the 'talk' and 'minus' buttons, when switching it on), if that's what the issue is.

Hope it works - I was tearing my hair out trying to find out why it it stopped talking to me.



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