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My dryer is not maintaining heat .. already replaced fused and thermos

My dryer is not maintaining heat .. already replaced fused and thermos

I have a Whirlpool dryer. Model WED5200VQ1. I have had it for 14 years. I got it used from an estate sale in fantastic condition. About 7 years ago the thermostat stopped working so the dryer wouldn’t dry. I changed out the thermostat and it worked fine for 7 years. Now it stopped drying again. I figured it was the thermostat again. When I pulled it apart, I check continuity on all the fuses, thermostats, and the heating element. They all had continuity, although pretty weak, but I decided that because it is an older model, to change out everything.


@spydeyninja if everything else checks out, recheck even your new parts just to make sure, it is possible that your dryer is having an issue with the timer. You can check it by testing for continuity of the heater circuit (should be terminal C and terminal A on your timer.) A is the one going to the heater. Remove that wire and check for continuity across the timer terminals with the timer set to a heating cycle. If you have no continuity between those two contacts you know that the issue is your timer. Just in case I attached the wiring diagram for your dryer. It’ll come in handy for further troubleshooting. Whirlpool-WED5200VQ1-Wiring-Sh.pdf

hi am john from the uk ? does your dryer it must have two elements in it ? when its on low only one will be switched one on high both will be on you can verify this with a clamp on amp meter only put the meter around the main live connection it will show the 2 readings of low and high you may be able to borrow a clamp on amp / current meter from a friend or local electrician you should get 2 different readings one higher than the other other than that it sorry to say sounds like your thermostat again or element but if it was the element it would not heat up at all it have a safety cut out switch normally on the back of the machine you press it in to reset it its incase it ever got blogged up or no airflow through the machine ?

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