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My lg 50uh5530 wont power up. Red light flashes three times.

My lg 50uh5530 wont power up. Red light flashes three times.

My lg 50uh5530 wont come on. No sound, no picture, and the red light blinks three times. Read many Q and A's to discover that this problem can be multiple components from the power supply board to the main board and even the led strips in some cases. I've tried unplugging the unit for 24hrs twice with no luck. I have removed the back cover to visually inspect for damaged capacitors or loose connections and found nothing. There is a faint ticking sound coming from the bottom corner of the power supply board near the capacitors. I also checked the 12 power pins with my meter and I do have a 3.5v standby reading but instead of getting 13.2v for the middle pins I get 6.5 to 7.0v. Looking for further advice to make sure I dont waste money. I'm prepared to replace the caps, the entire power supply board, main board, or any other component to fix the issue. Just dont want to buy an exspensive part like others have done when it may be something simple


I would start by testing/replacing the electrolytic caps on the power supply board as this is the cheapest solution, the most common problem, and you have already measured an unexpected voltage on this board. Here is a picture with red arrows pointing to all the electolytics on your power supply board:

Replaced most caps, not the small ones. Wasn’t it. Replaced strips, working—wasn’t it. I have MOSFET’s out, and parts are here but had to take down repair station off dining room table while relatives visited. As yet, I’ve not got to trying them. They’re the little parts under the heat-sinks. I doubt it will be them, to be honest.

I finally gave up throwing good money after bad.

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